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Top Soda Vending Machine Brands for Workplace Refreshment


If you operate a vending machine company, you should learn about Soda machines (or Pop machines, depending on where you’re from!). They are the most common sort of vending machine you will encounter. You may even come across accounts that demand ONLY soda machines at their company and nothing else.

While not as complicated as snack machines, there are still several aspects to consider. There is a machine for every place, from the types of beverages to the way of dispensing, and it is best to know which is most appropriate. Knowing your alternatives will assist you in making the greatest decision for your sites while saving you the most money in the long run.

In this post, we’ll go over soda machines in depth while also discussing the top brands to look for when purchasing a soda machine for your business with best vending machine software.

Understanding the Functions of Soda Vending Machines


How do soda vending machines conduct?


Consumers can get carbonated drinks from soda vending machines by compelling a button. The machines are competent of storing and chilling a broad range of carbonated drinkable, including soda, energy drinks, and essence water. When a customer inserts money into the machine and select a beverage, the system dispenses the convenient amount of the liquor into a cup or bottle.

To carry the drinks cool, soda vending machines wish a refrigeration system. A compressor, condenser, and evaporating comprise the refrigeration system. The compressing compresses the refrigerant gas, which goes ended the condenser and evaporator to wintry the air within the unit.

Soda machines are confidential into two types:

Stack drink vending machines in the conventional sense. These are especially dependable and can be used in a type of settings, including motels, offices, and assembly companies.

Drink vending machines with a mirror front. These gadgets use a cyborg arm to dispense drinks to consumers. These machines are broadly used in places where esthetics is more decisive, such as schools, workplaces, and high-end property.

Soda Vending Machine Components


Soda vending machines are made up of numerous parts that work together to serve drinks to clients. We can’t identify every brand and machine style because they all have different parts, from motors to shims to robot parts.

However, the following are some of the important components found in any drink vending machine:

·        This is the segment of the machine that receives coins and investment from clients.

·        Customers select their drink by pressing the selection buttons on the front of the machine.

·        The component of the machine that dispenses the preferred drink into a cup or bottle is known as the dispensing contrivance.

·        The refrigeration system is what cools the drinks inside the machine.

·        The payment system receives payments from consumers and ensures that the correct amount is charged for each drink.

·        The electronic circuit board that regulates all of the machine’s functions, such as dispensing drinks, accepting payment, and checking inventory levels, is known as the control board.

Advantages of Using Soda Vending Machines


Even if expenditure in a soda vending machine is inescapable when operating full-service smart vending, you may be querying what advantages it might arrange. Here are some of the benefits of using soda vending machines:



Convenience is one of the key advantages of employing soda vending machines. You may provide your clients or staff quick and simple access to their favorite beverages with a soda vending machine without them having to leave the premises. This is very useful in locations where there are no local stores, and even when there are, customers will still flock to your machine unless there is a significant price difference.



Another benefit of employing soda vending machines is the range of drinks available to customers. With a soda vending apps machine, you can sell a variety of beverages such as soda, juice, energy drinks, and others. This variety can help to satisfy your customers’ or workers’ various tastes and boost your chances of generating a transaction.



In comparison to snack machines, soda machines can be quite durable. They may distribute hundreds, if not thousands, of drinks while requiring little care other than cleaning. The only difficulty is that when a big repair is required, it is frequently something that takes the entire machine out of commission.



Soda machines might bring in a lot of money for your company. Even if they do not want snacks, they will eventually want drinks. As a result, soda machines outperform snack machines in terms of sales. Drink profit margins are likewise significantly greater than snack profit margins.

Overall, using soda vending machines can be a terrific method to provide easy and diverse beverage options to your consumers or employees while also increasing revenue for your company.

Considerations When Purchasing a Soda Vending Machine


There are various aspects to consider while selecting a soda vending machine. Here are a few of the most important:



A vending machine’s capacity relates to how many cans or bottles it can hold at once. If you plan to place the machine in a high-traffic area, buy a machine with a higher capacity so you don’t have to reload it as frequently. A lower capacity machine, on the other hand, may be more suited if the machine will be placed in a smaller space.


Energy Conservation


When selecting a vending machine, energy efficiency is an important factor to consider. Over time, a more energy-efficient machine will save you money on your electric bill. Look for machines that have received Energy Star accreditation, which means they fulfill the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s energy efficiency guidelines. Whether it’s for the electricity or the account.

Style of Soda machine


The type of place you’re installing it in will determine whether or not you employ a glassfront style soda machine. Glassfronts are typically employed in high-end locations where appearances are important. Glassfronts are frequently used in hospitals, luxury condominiums, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, and schools. Truck stops, warehouses, manufacturing factories, and senior homes, on the other hand, usually operate best with traditional, stack-style soda machines.

Repair and maintenance


When selecting a drink vending machine, maintenance and repair are critical factors to consider. Look for machines with interchangeable parts that are not just easy to repair. In the long term, this will save you time and money.

Best Soda machine brands


There are numerous soda machine brands to pick from on the market. When it comes to soda machines, however, the industry considers three brands to be classics. Vendo, Dixie Narco, and Royal Vendors are the three brands.

Dixie Narco


Dixie Narco’s reputation as “the Cadillac of vending machines” is well deserved. Founded in 1967, their machines are the workhorses of the vending sector, able to withstand the pandemonium of high-traffic areas.


In fact, their machines are so robust that several of their older versions can still be found in various locales, despite the fact that the company was acquired by Crane in 2006.

Dixie Narco’s stack vending machines are industry standard, but they’re not trapped in the past. They also embraced modernity by releasing Glassfront versions of their soda machines that were just as reliable.



When it comes to drink machines, Vendo is another company that stands out. These people have been shaping the vending game for generations, with roots dating back to the 1930s.

Vendo isn’t only about history; they’re all about fusing tradition with innovation. Vendo has it all, from antique soda dispensers to cutting-edge automated wonders that respond to modern needs.

As Dixie Narco’s iconic models continue to be phased out, we find ourselves increasingly interested in Vendo machines.

Vendo is your go-to choose for user-friendliness and durability if you’re searching for a brand entrenched in tradition yet not hesitant to embrace the future.

Royal Vendors


When it comes to drink machines, Royal Vendors is another top-tier company. They’ve made their mark with sleek designs that might easily double as modern art pieces, and their renown extends beyond drink distribution.

But don’t be fooled by the aesthetics; Royal Vendors backs up their appearance with substance. They’ve mastered the art of technology, from touchscreens to cashless purchases, all while remaining ecologically mindful. What actually jumps out is their dedication to creating a professional yet tech-savvy ambiance.

Royal’s drink machines have personally assisted us in securing a large account. We were called to assess the state of the company’s vending problem at the moment, and the first thing we saw was that they were employing off-brand drink machines that hardly worked and looked worn. We showed them one of the drink machines we had on hand at the time, a gleaming 650 that would have been ideal for the large manufacturing operation. They were purchased. We’re soon moving in and replacing the existing vendor for a 500-person building!

If you want to create a statement in your vending area, Royal Vendors is the brand to choose. It flawlessly blends elegance and innovation.



To summarize:

·        Snack machines are less profitable than soda machines.

·        There are two types of soda machines: traditional stack style and glass front.

·        Choose a soda vending machine that is dependable, energy-efficient, and has the suitable look and capacity for your site.

·        Dixie Narco, Vendo, and Royal Vendors are the three greatest brands of soda machines.

·        Despite being a defunct brand, Dixie Narco is so dependable that it’s always worth looking into.

·        Aside from Dixie Narco, Vendo is a highly dependable brand that we recommend.

·        To remotely manage and monitor your clusters of smart vending machines, smart lockers, smart coffee vending machines, smart vending fridges, and self-service food ordering payment kiosks in dispersed locations, use Linkitsoft’s vending machine, a cloud-based smart vending management service that can be accessed from anywhere on any compatible device, such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, and so on.

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