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Tennessee Titans Total Wins Prediction

The 2023 Tennessee Titans are sort of the team with no identity. Yes they have Ryan Tannehill and bruising RB Derrick Henry, but they have petered out the last few years and haven’t made any great strides in the off-season. Their draft class was considered average and their free-agency deals have been lackluster.
Tennessee still has plenty of pieces in place however. They have players that know how to win. Online sportsbooks currently have the total win over-under at 7.5 wins. Do you think the Titans can win 8 or more games? We do and here is why:
Tennessee 2023 Strength of Schedule is what is making us select the OVER 7.5 wins 
  • The Titans are playing the 5th easiest schedule this season
  • Tennessee has a schedule that includes only 8 games in 2023 against teams that finished above .500 last year
  • The Titans will face only 8 returning playoff teams and eight teams with negative playoff odds in 2023
Titans Postseason Odds
If you are betting football, these are the current odds being offered:
Odds to Make the Playoffs: +210
Odds to Win the AFC South: +425
Odds to Win the Super Bowl: +8000


It won’t be easy or pretty for the Tians this season. They will drop some games they should win. They will win some they should lose too. At the end of the day we think they have enough talent to get at least 8 wins and beat the OVER for the over-under. It’s do-or-die for the Titans as their RB gets one year older and Tannehill is no spring chicken either.
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