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Smart Locks and ADT: Enhancing Home Security Through Automation


A home is our sanctuary from the rest of the world. It is where we go after facing the many trials and tribulations of the world we live in. Our homes are where we live, relax, detach, and spend time with family. Moreover, our homes are where many of our prized possessions are kept. In order to protect our homes and the things in it, investing in a home security system is the way to go.

Luckily, an ADT security system is what you need to ensure your home is protected at all times. One of the components of ADT smart home security systems are smart locks which what this article will talk about in more detail.

ADT Home Security – An Overview

When the topic of home security comes up, ADT is generally part of the conversation. For the last 140 or so years, ADT has committed itself to providing the best possible home security systems. Over the years, it has moved with the times and their home security systems have evolved with them. The modern ADT home security system comes with an array of sensors, cameras, and other smart home technology. This sets it apart from other options in the market.

One of the ways that ADT has managed to consistently provider the best home security systems for a home is by using smart home technology. The different components of a smart home security system include:

·        Sensors

·        Smart cameras

·        Smart locks

·        Thermostats

·        Control panels

In this article, we will delve into ADT smart locks. Since they are the first line of defense against intruders, it is important that you have everything to know about ADT Smart locks with you.

Understanding Smart Locks

Among the many benefits of the internet of things (IoT), smart locks are some of the most useful. A smart lock is an electronic locking device that you either put on an existing lock or completely replace it. These smart locks can be controlled via a smartphone app, using the keypad on the lock, or through different means of authorization. From a distance, a smart lock might seem like a gimmick but in reality there is a lot of value to be had from it.

The Benefits Of Smart Locks

The most important benefits of smart locks are:

Keyless Entry

A smart lock can be unlocked using a companion app, passcode, or even biometric authentication like in the movies. You no longer need to carry a set of keys or worry about losing them and being locked in or out.

Remote Access

Smart locks can be controlled remotely, from anywhere in the world. Using your smartphone, a smart lock can be opened or closed. This works great if someone needs access to your home while you aren’t there to open the door.

Better Home Security

With smart home security systems, you can keep track of all sort of activity in your home. All activities are time stamped so you know when a lock was opened, sensor was triggered, and so on. Almost all modern smart home technology can be integrated into an ADT home security system. This includes the cameras.

Types Of Smart Home Locks

When it comes to smart home locks, there are several types to work with. A smart home lock belongs to one of three categories:

Keyless Entry

This smart lock will unlock your door without needing a physical key. Typical modes of verification include using the companion application or a keypad.

Remote Access

As the name suggests, these smart locks can be used remotely from any location. All you need is for the smart lock to be connected to an internet connection and for you to have access to its application. The rest is incredibly simple and straightforward and requires no additional effort.

Biometric Authentication

These smart locks are opened using a finger print, facial recognition, or both. This is generally considered the safest of the three mainly because it is impossible to replicate this data.

Integrating Smart Locks With ADT

Now that you know all there is to about smart locks, it’s time to integrate them into your ADT home security system. When combining smart locks and an ADT security system, you can enhance your home security to the maximum.

Using a smart home lock for your home security system allows you to set up a resilient first line of defense.

Reasons To Integrate A Smart Lock With ADT

If you’re looking for the best in home security combined with smart home tech, here’s all that you get by doing it:

Remote Control And Monitoring

Using the ADT control app, users can control their smart home locks as they want. You can lock or unlock your door, see whether its locked or not, and also monitor who came and went through it.

Better Security Features

An ADT smart lock allows the home owner to access activity logs, tamper alerts, and also integrate itself with other smart home technology. Not only does it give you more control over your home security, it also gives you peace of mind.

Home Security Automation

If your home has other smart home technology in it, an ADT smart lock fits right into the mix. Once integrated, the smart lock can be programmed to lock itself each time the security system is armed. You get automated home security and also save the time needed to do all of this manually.

How To Integrate Smart Locks With ADT

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to integrate smart locks with an ADT home security system:

·        Find a compatible smart lock. You can opt for an ADT smart lock or use one of the many different offerings on the market. Just make sure its compatible with an ADT home security system.

·        Installing the smart lock. After you find a smart lock that works for you, it can either be installed on your existing lock or it replaces the one you have.

·        Integrating your smart lock with an ADT system. Once the smart lock is installed, add it to your ADT home security system and you’re good to go.

·        Find the automation sweet spot. You can either arm or disarm your smart lock from the app itself or it can be programmed to automatically arm or disarm itself whenever the alarm system does.

If there is any confusion regarding this, get in touch with ADT customer service. They have all the answers for your ADT home security system, including installation.

The Future Of Home Security Automation

Home security systems are in their best form possible. However, they can still get better after this. In the coming years, we can see that there are several technologies that will enhance home security. This includes the use of artificial intelligence for improved accuracy and automation, machine learning for more adaptability and threat response, and improving IoT tools. Each of these will help smart locks become more reliable and secure, creating more effective ADT security systems.

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