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Is it Really OK to Drink a Smoothie a Day?


There are many different ways to make a smoothie, which is often a beverage made from blended fruits or vegetables. Smoothies have many health advantages, but consuming too many of them might be harmful to your wellbeing. When a smoothie is only a beverage with a meal, they can easily add a lot of extra calories. Dietitian Lorraine Fye of the Mayo Clinic offers some easy tips for making informed decisions about fruit smoothies.

Smoothies taste great and are simple to create. But is it beneficial to you?

“It’s pretty simple, in my opinion, to obtain a lot of healthy fruits and veggies. One tiny glass can contain a lot of nutrients”, according to Fye.

But a good thing can be unhealthy in excess.

“An unhealthy smoothie, it would be one that maybe is just all fruit or has a lot of fruit juice — one that’s really laden with added sugar and that’s not very balanced,” claims Fye.

Smoothies can be tasty and nutritious at the same time. Just make sure to include the proper components.

We’re really trying to find that balance with the healthy smoothie. Therefore, you need good proteins, decent carbohydrates, and good healthy fats, she explains.

That smoothie might be beneficial after you get the appropriate balance and flavor.

“It’s perfectly acceptable to consume a smoothie every day. If you make sure that it is truly replacing the meal, it can be a convenient meal replacement. Not too many calories, but also not too few”, explains Fye.

Ideal smoothie types:

  • green smoothie
  • smoothie with lots of protein and calories (if active)
  • smoothie (lactose-free) with a lot of calories and protein


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